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Software & Firmware Design

SATTVA eTECH has proven expertise in developing firmware and software for embedded applications for a wide range of products used in the areas of automotive controls, network telecom, wireless, control systems and scientific instrumentation. With years of experience in designing embedded systems for products, SATTVA eTECH delivers exceptional value to product manufacturers in architecting systems and deploying technologies in an embedded setting.

Our software development capability ranges from small assembly routines for micro-controllers to complete firmware solutions for large telecommunication systems. Our software development teams have vast experience in architecting, designing and implementing firmware solutions that meet the optimization and performance requirements for embedded systems.

Our expertise in the software domain includes:

  • RTO
  • Device Drivers
  • Board Support Packages
  • Protocols
  • DSP Algorithm

Our Scope of Firmware domain includes:

  • Glue Logic-CPLD (Xilinx & Latice)
  • DSP-Sharc ADSP
  • VLSI Design- Soft cores in Verilog HDL & VHDL’s for high density FPGA’s and CPLD’s

SATTVA eTECH has competencies in processor dependent assembly level optimization of code, and real-time multi-threaded application development. This allows it to optimize software against speed/ memory limitations and real time performance requirements for different targets and product situations.