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Power and Energy

Energy needs in the world has skyrocketed and emphasize on cleaner and greener energy sources has increased tremendously in the past decade. All countries are looking for newer technologies which are not just cleaner but also cheaper to produce energy. Nuclear power, solar energy and wind power have been at the forefront of these next generation technologies. SATTVA eTECH has been involved in providing various electronic systems to nuclear power plants in India for over 8 years. We are also in process of designing and developing embedded systems on of the major solar power companies. We have designed and developed mother boards, Process control boards, modems and Test Jigs for nuclear power company in India. The various projects done in the Power and Energy domain are:

  1. Coldfire based CPU boards
  2. Re engineering of process control boards
  3. Token bus control modem
  4. Dual media modem card
  5. Modem board test jigs