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Embedded Product Re Engineering

Re-engineering is the re-analysis and re-design of a system, not bound by the previous design approach. Often customers find that they have a good product, a legacy system, which has ended up having obsolete components and hence cannot be manufactured anymore. This makes it all the more important for them to ensure that the replacement has minimal or no impact on the rest of the solution.

Our product design experience gives us a great edge in providing top quality Re-engineering services and to meet our customer's technology and functional expectations.

Our Product Re-engineering solutions focus on retaining the core features and logic of the existing system, while bolstering the system by migrating it to emerging technologies. Agile and timely, our re-engineering services will help you make a smooth transition from old, redundant systems to new, advanced technology environments and at a fraction of the estimated costs.

The following chart depicts the typical activities involved therein.

SATTVA eTECH's hardware design team has the expertise and skill required for re-engineering the entire product, using an identical technology but incorporating the latest components. This process is usually done for either obsolescence or cost reduction. It is also used to reproduce a cost-effective alternative to ensure a competitive edge for our customers.